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Novastrike still heading to Europe

Updated version has Trophies, too.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Tiki Games is "working with SCEE to try and get Novastrike out in Europe as soon as possible", which is good news, because we've been saving that "cosmic industrial action" genre joke up for ages.

That's according to president and creative director Kevin McCann, who unveiled a new version of the game with Trophies and other tweaks during his turn at the PlayStation Blog controls yesterday.

There were scant few details on the Trophies themselves, but there will be 12 bronze and four silver to compete for, according to McCann, and the difficulty has been adjusted to suit human beings.

Also in the forthcoming update, which is in submission at the moment, are customisable controls, XMB music playback options, support for multiple save-games and a raft of other specific tweaks.

McCann also asks for feedback on the blog, so if you're playing the US version, let him have it. "I'll be particularly interested in seeing posts from those of you that stopped playing due to the difficulty," he wrote. "We really hope the update allows you to enjoy and finish the game."

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