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Exclusive BIA: Hell's Highway vids

Apparently not the M25.

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With just four days until its 360 and PS3 release (PC owners don't get it until 3rd October), we've been busying ourselves with capturing the early action from Gearbox's third Brothers In Arms game.

Hell's Highway once again follows the exploits of the 101st Airborne Division, this time focusing on Operation Market Garden, the ultimately doomed mission [OMG spoiler?! - Ed] launched by the Allies in September 1944 that was intended to end the war early.

The four extensive gameplay videos listed below show action from the first four missions in the game - with the attendant spoilers you might expect, so consider yourselves warned.

Squad gameplay - The essence of the Brothers In Arms experience is in the squad dynamic: here, in the second mission, you must strategically deploy your firing squad as you approach and attempt to clear out a Nazi-stuffed farmhouse.

Ambush - Moving on to the third stage, and with two teams under your command your options expand dramatically, but so does the enemy threat. Time to bring in the snipers.

Barn assault - Into the fourth mission, and Sergeant Matt Baker and his troops are storming a barn, with a bazooka team providing the suppressing fire, a key gameplay mechanic.

Flanking assault - Finally, and still in the fourth mission, clever deployment of your bazooka and assault teams while flanking is essential if you're to avoid that pesky machine gun fire raining down from the church tower. Thanks, God.

Operation Market Garden was a disaster for the Allied forces, reinvigorating the Nazis and prolonging the war. Thousands of lives were lost, but many nevertheless survived against huge odds. Two veterans of the conflict reveal the full, harrowing details in the latest Episode of The Eurogamer TV Show, which takes a look at just how close Gearbox's latest gets to its inspiration.

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