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Ubisoft orders EndWar to early November

Plus, Hell's Highway PC slips a week.

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Ubisoft has decided to unleash Xbox 360 and PS3 game Tom Clancy's EndWar on 7th November.

The publisher's release schedule also noted a one-week delay for the PC version of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. This had been expected with the console offerings on 26th September.

EndWar, which had been targeting October, uses ambitious voice and gesture inputs to control the hordes of strategically warring units. The results are excitingly solid.

Orders range from "Unit 4, secure Foxtrot" to "Deploy artillery", or from "Unit 1, upgrade Bravo" to "Calling all gunships, create group". The result is a console pad used mainly to control your view and act as a walkie-talkie; or, at least, that's what Johnny reckoned when he saw EndWar for the umpteenth time in June.

Head over to his hands-on impressions of Tom Clancy's EndWar to find out more.

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