Tom Clancy's EndWar


Two new Clancy games already in dev

Ubisoft brand man opens gob.

Digital Foundry | Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 18

Skate 2, Silent Hill, EndWar, NFS, Sonic, Argonauts.

F.E.A.R. 2 demo heads PS Store refresh

Plus plenty else to keep you busy too.

EndWar gets downloadable content pack

Complete with three brand new battalions.

LBP costumes lead PSN update

Festive cupboards filled with goods.

EndWar gets Escalation Pack DLC

Plus 4v4 multiplayer mode update.

Review | Tom Clancy's EndWar

Better not have soldier headset.

Ubisoft doing EndWar headset bundles

Official PS3 Bluetooth ones.

EndWar and Mirror's Edge on PSN

Demos of those, and add-ons for others.

EndWar PSP/DS dated for Europe

Day and date with other versions.

EndWar demo on Xbox Live

Well Clancy that.

EndWar VIP demo delayed again

New estimate: "hours rather than days".

Tom Clancy's EndWar

Talking to the TV: now cool.

EndWar VIP demo pushed back a week

That's a fancy name for a stress test.

Ubisoft orders EndWar to early November

Plus, Hell's Highway PC slips a week.

Pre-order EndWar for 360, get beta access

Try out the multiplayer bits and everything.


Speak up.

EndWar gets gesture controls

Wave goodbye to your enemies.

Feature | Coming Attractions: Strategy and Simulation

Part 2: More on what's coming in 2008.

Ubisoft delays key titles

While Creed wins bread.

Tom Clancy's EndWar

Fighting talk.

Deeper into EndWar's factions

Meet those with rifles.

EndWar factions revealed

Europe vs. Russia vs. US.

EndWar beta test in November

Says creative director.

Feature | Tom Clancy's EndWar

Go left. Gooooo left. LEFT. I SAID LEFT. (So, none of that.)

EndWar will have MMO element

Details emerge from Ubidays.

Tom Clancy's Endwar

"Win the game, over."

EndWar is voice activated

Hands-free Clancy.

Tom Clancy's Endwar

Arguments with weapons.

Ubi unveils Tom Clancy's EndWar

"100% next-gen" strategy game.