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Deeper into EndWar's factions

Meet those with rifles.

Ubisoft has popped us the first dossier of information on rifle units in real-time strategy title EndWar.

It follows on from an announcement last Friday that there would be three factions each with different characteristics: the European electronics nerds, the fancy Americans, and the grizzled Russians.

Over in the cold reaches of Russia life is hard and so are its Spetsnaz Guard Brigade Wolves, who use sandpaper to wipe their bottoms with if indeed they dab them down at all. AK-74 is still their weapon of choice, stereotypically, coupled with a sniper rifle called an OSV-120. Obviously the old AK-74 has undergone some improvements between 1974 and 2020 (present day), too.

Finishing off their big, bulky and menacing persona is some big, bulky and menacing armour they wear on the outside like underpants at a fancy dress party.

European special force the Enforcer Corps has different plans though, and when it split from NATO it realised how rubbish its rifle ammunition was and so made some new stuff. Clever. These Kommandos are similar to chivalrous Knights of yore apparently, steadfast in their beliefs and fighting for the greater good - albeit in a Rainbow Six counter-terrorism way, with fancy computer this and technology that. Also, probably not on horses.

The Joint Strike Force of the USA, on the other hand, went to private school to learn about guns and things, so are very well trained and could go to Harvard. Controversially - you won't believe this - they use a rifle of Belgian origin! They also have a SCAR A1 to mow down what could be enemies with, which is really quite fancy and apparently better than what they had before.

Overall they resemble the sort of unit you will have played in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter; able to call in support from land, air, and sea, thanks to clever communications technology like walkie-talkies, over.

Shoot your way blindly over to our Tom Clancy's EndWar gallery for a look at some exclusive shots for each faction.

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