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EndWar gets downloadable content pack

Complete with three brand new battalions.

Ubisoft has released the Faction Elite Pack for strategy title EndWar.

It's available now from Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, and features three new battalions - the JSF 15th Special Operations, the Spetsnaz [bless you] Alpha Brigade and the Enforcer Corps Battlegroup.

You also get six unit upgrades including Caseless Ammunition for the European Federation's Gunships and Ceramic Armour for the Spetsnaz [I've got some Berocca in my desk drawer if you want one] Guard Brigade.

The Xbox 360 version of the pack is priced at 300 Microsoft Points (GBP 2.55 / EUR 3.60). It costs GBP 3.19 or EUR 3.99 on PSN.

You'll find our review and all manner of other EndWar-related stuff over on the gamepage.