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EndWar demo on Xbox Live

Well Clancy that.

Ubisoft has popped a demo for Tom Clancy's EndWar onto Xbox Live Marketplace.

The sampler measures 1.6GB, and contains a map playable both in single-player and head-to-head battles.

Blurb for the demo states that only English, French and Spanish languages are supported, which we suppose relates to voice commands.

"Mach sie platt!" will not work, then, but "Marche lui sur la gueule!" and "Aplástalos!" will. If they are supported phrases, that is.

But there's plenty more to this action-focused real-time strategy interpretation of Tom Clancy's world than speaking at your TV.

Head over to our recent hands-on impressions of Tom Clancy's EndWar to find out more.

Tom Clancy's EndWar is due for Xbox 360 and PS3 on 7th November.