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EndWar will have MMO element

Details emerge from Ubidays.

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Tom Clancy's EndWar creative director Michael de Plater has said his game will feature a persistent online world campaign.

His comments come from a Q&A released as part of the press kit for the Ubidays event in Paris.

"Though it's a bit too early to reveal much of our intentions in terms of online multiplayer content, I can say that one of our most ambitious features is a massively-multiplayer persistent online world campaign," said Michael de Plater. "Every time you log in you will see the shifting front lines of an entire world at war, where everyone is participating in a unified global version of World War III."

EndWar is a fresh take on the Tom Clancy franchise, and takes place in 2020 amidst a global battle for power; World War III. You'll play the role of commander in this real-time strategy game, ordering around the most technologically advanced war machines of the 21st Century.

The biggest announcement to surface from Ubidays yesterday was that it will be completely voice activated, although you'll also be able to use a pad - meaning you can literally shout commands into the microphone and have your units carry them out. Plater insists this will work in several languages and that you won't have to learn "Shakespearean English" to have fun with it.

"I think EndWar is the epic war experience that every strategy game and every shooter - for the last decade - has been trying to make you imagine with computer-generated intros. Well now you don’t have to imagine, as EndWar creates that experience in real time.

"Combine that with the incredible 3D gameplay; the voice command system; the strong online multiplayer component; the apocalyptic World War III scenario; the ultimate 21st Century war machines; the Unreal 3 powered graphics; and I think we’ll offer strategy gamers something they have never experienced before."

Head over to Eurogamer TV to get a look at the very first trailer, or pop into our gallery for the EndWar screenshots.

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