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EndWar gets gesture controls

Wave goodbye to your enemies.

Not content with shaking up the RTS genre with voice-driven gameplay, Ubisoft's Shanghai team has just implemented a gesture-based system in EndWar that lets you perform Minority Report-style screen manipulation using a console camera.

Content director Julian Gerighty spilled the beans to Eurogamer earlier this morning during a demo of the new Tom Clancy war game. By using the PlayStation Eye with the stand that comes with Sony's Eye of Judgement game, players can scroll around when viewing EndWar's overhead tactical map simply by waving their hand under the camera.

Gerighty said the system had only just been implemented and is currently only in the PlayStation 3 version. Creative director Michael de Plater explained to us that the obstacle to including this feature on 360 was simply that the Vision Cam lacked the stand available with Sony's camera.

Gerighty added that the feature was not guaranteed for inclusion in the final game, since the team is expected to deliver "feature parity" across all versions, but said he was hopeful it would make the final cut.

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EndWar is due out on PS3 and 360 this October.