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EndWar factions revealed

Europe vs. Russia vs. US.

Ubisoft has whipped the wrappers off the three factions in real-time strategy console game Tom Clancy's EndWar.

Chief among them has to be the European Federation, formed in 2016 after Saudi Arabia and Iran had a nuclear argument. The resulting energy crisis meant the continent had to band together - all except the UK and Ireland. We were too busy drinking fish and chips and eating tea, love.

Europe has the Enforcers Corps to do its bidding; made up of counter-terrorist agents like Jack Bauer and peacekeeping forces like Greenpeace. They love a bit of urban warfare with rapping and stuff, and although they are less armoured than their counterparts, their electronic warfare, enery weapons and fast vehicles more than make up for it.

Following them are the Americans, who split from Europe after a controversial space race, eventually upsetting everyone when they launched their Star Wars-like Freedom Star space station.

Their Joint Strike Force is small, light and fast - much like the Advanced Warfighter squadrons. They specialise in stealth technology and battleground robotics like those little aerial drone things, and can call in coordinated ground and air strikes.

Last but not least are the Russians, now the largest supplier of oil in the world, resulting in a reclaimed title of superpower that was last flexed during the Cold War.

Their hardened and veteran Spetznat Guard Brigade have the heaviest arsenal around. So much war has passed their eyes that their regard for human life is minimal, they probably smoke, and they can modify their vehicles beyond their original capabilities.

EndWar is a real-time strategy game built on the familiar work of author Tom Clancy. It's console exclusive and so promises intuitive controls, including voice commands that apparently work really quite well indeed.

Pop over to our early EndWar preview to see what it is all about, or head over to our gallery to see some renders of what the different factions will look like.

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Tom Clancy's EndWar

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