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Gearbox keen to revisit Brothers in Arms

"That'll be in the future for sure."

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Gearbox Software is confident about returning to World War II and Brothers in Arms now that Borderlands is done and dusted.

"I think you can probably expect at some point there'll be another Brothers in Arms game," Brian Martel, Gearbox vice president, told CBS (via VG247).

"You can probably expect that... If you look at the history of where we've been, where we're going... That'll be in the future for sure."

But even with Borderlands out of the way (released today - review), Gearbox still has a full slate: Aliens: Colonial Marines for SEGA, Duke Begins and three mystery games - one of which may or may not be a new Halo game.

Last autumn's Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway was the most recent instalment in the series, but fell slightly the wrong side of essential. Head over to our BIA: Hell's Highway review to find out why.

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