Aliens: Colonial Marines


Feature | Syd Mead's artistic legacy lives on through video games

From Aliens to Cyberpunk via the Mass Effect arc.

Feature | An hour with Randy Pitchford

"We need a laptop. We can't do this."

Aliens: Colonial Marines and AvP (2010) have vanished from Steam

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World also removed from digital distribution.

Sega claims Gearbox led the marketing for Aliens: Colonial Marines

Says Randy Pitchford, did "whatever the f*** he likes."

Sega agrees to $1.25m settlement in Aliens: Colonial Marines case

While Gearbox remains liable to further action.

Gearbox explains why it should be dropped from Aliens lawsuit

Claims it spent millions of its own money on the game.

Video | Outside Xbox's five most disappointing games of 2013

Plus No Man's Sky and the Oxbox Xmas Challenge.

Aliens: Colonial Marines to get new campaign DLC

UPDATE: Quietly released today on Xbox Marketplace.

Aliens: Colonial Marines managed 1.31 million sales

That about merits a sequel doesn't it? What?

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon sequel possible, says Michael Biehn

Voice actor also weighs in on Aliens: Colonial Marines role.

TimeGate Studios has filed for bankruptcy

Owes between $10-$50 million, $34 of which to a pizza place.

Madden NFL 25 the latest EA game to skip Wii U - what now for FIFA 14?

UPDATE: EA confirms no FIFA 14 for Wii U following "disappointing" FIFA 13 sales.

Aliens: Colonial Marines class action lawsuit targets Sega and Gearbox

UPDATE: Sega and Gearbox respond, call the lawsuit "without merit."

Sega adds disclaimer to Aliens: Colonial Marines trailers after admitting they didn't accurately reflect final game

Reddit user highlights "absurd" difference between in-game and playthrough footage.

Aliens: Colonial Marines has been patched on Xbox 360, PS3

UPDATE: Second patch now live, "erratic" Xeno movements fixed.

Several staffers on Aliens: Colonial Marines spill the beans on what went wrong - report

"The game feels like it was made in nine months, and that's because it was."

A video of Obsidian's Aliens RPG appears

Apparently it was called Aliens: Crucible.

Sega UK denies that Aliens: Colonial Marines has been cancelled on Wii U

Suggests the game is still due before the end of March.

Sega: Gearbox developed Aliens: Colonial Marines, other studios just "helped"

But TimeGate estimates its work accounts for up to half of the campaign.

Video | Watch us play Aliens: Colonial Marines from 5pm GMT

Maybe we could build a fire and sing a couple of songs?

Aliens: Colonial Marines' Bug Hunt DLC set for March

"Take on waves of increasingly difficult enemies." A $14.99 value, says Walmart.

Aliens: Colonial Marines coming later on Wii U

Could pop out any time up to end of March.

This week on Outside Xbox

The New Year's Far Cryathlon, Ron Gilbert on Disney and the latest on Aliens.

Feature | Aliens: Colonial Marines preview: the Aliens game you've been waiting for?

Gearbox's spiritual sequel offers a faithful return, but that may not be enough.

New Colonial Marines trailer showcases pre-order bonuses

We know you've Biehn waiting for this.

EGX | First ever live code demo of Rome 2 in Eurogamer Expo developer session

Publisher SEGA also bringing playable Aliens: Colonial Marines, The Cave and Hell Yeah!

Sega sacrificing Euro/Oz operations to focus on four core IPs

Aliens. Sonic. Total War. Football Manager.

Pitchford: Wii U GamePad "the best controller I've ever had from Nintendo"

Shoot Many Robots dev making Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector's Edition unveiled

UPDATE: Exclusive to Amazon in the UK.

Gearbox: Aliens: Colonial Marines a "massive" project, hundreds working on it

Section 8 dev helping out. Gearbox admits early announcement was a mistake.

Aliens: Colonial Marines delayed to 2013, new trailer released

UPDATE: Gearbox comments on lengthy development.

Nintendo responds to Wii U power reports

"The experience of playing will always be more important than raw numbers."

Sega cancelling titles, "streamlining" video game business

Key IP Sonic, Football Manager, Total War, Aliens unaffected.

Aliens: Colonial Marines on Wii U "has so much more to offer"

Pitchford: "No other platform can do what the Wii U can do."

Yakuza: Dead Souls release date announced

Plus, Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai Limited Edition date.

Video | Aliens: Colonial Marines cinematic trailer

Gearbox readying for autumn launch.

Aliens: Colonial Marines delayed until Autumn

Gearbox-developed bug hunt still not ready.

Aliens: Colonial Marines special edition contents leaked - report

Weapon unlocks, exclusive game mode included.

Aliens: Infestation release date announced

DS side-scroller out next month.

Video | Aliens: Colonial Marines footage

Duke Nukem dev shows off new project.

Aliens: Colonial Marines screenshots

Swarming the cockles of your heart.

Sega confirms Aliens: Infestation

DS side-scroller coming September.

Aliens: Infestation is DS side-scroller

Has chest-bursting, brief male nudity.

Wii U a "really cool stop-gap" – Gearbox

Between this generation and the next.

Gearbox discarded Blade Runner IP

"Would have been the end of us."

New Wii U hardware for devs in June/July

Sega: "We're finding it quite powerful."

Sega "intent" on Aliens Marines on Wii U

What about Creative Assembly's Alien game?

Fresh Aliens: Colonial Marines images

What lovely teeth it has.

Aliens: Colonial Marines back on map

Spring 2012 date sends Ripleys across web.

Aliens: CM, Tomb Raider dated - report

MGS: Rising also appears in retail leak.

Duke Nukem had "gay robot" sidekick

Plus: Randy Pitchford talks Borderlands 2.

Gearbox denies new Aliens: CM delay

Plus, pours water on Borderlands 2 talk.

Aliens: Colonial Marines reveal soon

SEGA, Gearbox working behind the scenes.

AVP to impact Colonial Marines timing

But don't expect it for some time.

No Aliens: Colonial Marines this year

But Gearbox is still working on it.

Gearbox denies Aliens has been canned

Despite reports of problems and layoffs.

SEGA: Sonic Unleashed out in November

But Aliens and Total War fall into 2009.

Gearbox defends in-game ad deal

"Judge us from the result."

Aliens FPS due out this year

SEGA chimes in with officialdom.

Aliens FPS and Red Faction 3 named

Both due out next year.

Gearbox discusses new project

"It's big." Needs "super senior" help.

Sega quiet on Aliens games

But Gearbox boss leaks info.

Gearbox Alien FPS confirmed

Hot on heels of Obsidian RPG.

Obsidian doing Alien RPG

Confirmed. Gearbox for FPS?