Aliens: Infestation


Aliens: Infestation

In space, no one can hear dual screen.

VideoAliens: Infestation DS trailer

A close encounter of the portable kind.

VideoAliens Infestation footage lands

Gearbox 2D sidescroller out this year.

VideoAliens Colonial Marines first teaser

Gearbox shooter still alive.

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Aliens: Infestation

In space, no one can hear dual screen.

VideoAliens: Infestation DS trailer

A close encounter of the portable kind.

VideoAliens Infestation footage lands

Gearbox 2D sidescroller out this year.

Aliens: Infestation release date announced

DS side-scroller out next month.

Sega confirms Aliens: Infestation

DS side-scroller coming September.

Aliens: Infestation is DS side-scroller

Has chest-bursting, brief male nudity.

VideoAliens Colonial Marines first teaser

Gearbox shooter still alive.

Aliens: CM, Tomb Raider dated - report

MGS: Rising also appears in retail leak.

AVP to impact Colonial Marines timing

But don't expect it for some time.

No Aliens: Colonial Marines this year

But Gearbox is still working on it.