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Elections for second EVE council begin

Candidacy open, voting in November.

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EVE Online developers CCP have opened the running for the second six-month term of its experiment in virtual-world democracy - the Council of Stellar Management.

According to a report on the CSM's progress, applications for candidacy opened on Friday last week, with a closing date set for 10th October. Voting will take place for two weeks between 7th and 21st November.

The results of the election will be announced and the new CSM will take office on 24th November.

The only major change in the process is the introduction of a minimum age for candidates: 21 years old. Presumably this is because the presenceof 17-year-old council member Charlie Eriksen of Denmark - a.k.a. LaVista Vista - put a damper on drinking sessions when the Council met in Iceland last June.

"The alternative view provided by the CSM did thus change how we think about a lot of things while convincing us that we were heading in the right direction in other areas," said the CCP spokesman, but he didn't go into further detail.

"We decided against enumerating the CSM's accomplishments - this is not a pissing contest," he said. "We know they made a difference and we are confident that the council will continue to make a difference."

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