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Vote for your Eurogamer t-shirts

You designed them, now rate them.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Quite a while ago, arguably before the internet even existed, we invited you to put forward ideas for slogans to go on a new range of sexy Eurogamer t-shirts, designed in association with

Well, we have picked some and VGT has put the designs together, and now you can, in time-honoured tradition, give each shirt a mark out of ten. There are eight in total, and we'll eventually pick out four, which will become VGT t-shirts for life!

All you have to do to make your voice heard is journey to and check out the finalists, clicking through to add your score.

We'll announce the winners and how you can buy them in a future post here and on the forum, where - as you would expect - a debate already rages about whether our selection criteria was biased/stupid and so on.

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