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Peter Molyneux picks apart Too Human

"It tried to be something it was not."

Peter Molyneux reckons there was something "slightly off" about Too Human, and says he would have done things differently had he been in charge.

"It has some gems in there, but they're hard to find," Molyneux told Joystiq. "I quite like the combat and felt it was accessible, but I just... If I got my hands on the game, I'd rip out a few of the things they did and just concentrate on the core.

"It just slightly forgot about what it was trying to be," the Lionhead boss continued. "In a way, it tried to be something it was not. It felt - and again, I thought it did some things really well - that there was something slightly off about it. I'm sure that Denis Dyack is going to come and kill me now!"

Molyneux said there's not one game he could point to as being perfect. Grand Theft Auto IV was a particular "high spot" this year, apparently, but even that "definitely had its flaws". Molyneux said he wanted to "smash the controller into the wall" when he died and had to restart missions.

Other games mentioned were Braid, LittleBigPlanet and Spore. The latter, he said, turned out better than he had expected.

Molyneux has another project up his sleeve besides Fable II. This is a secret game that started as an experiment after Black & White launched in 2001. The project, we're told, had a "fantastic breakthrough" around 18 months ago.

"It was almost unbelievable what this experiment lead to," said Molyneux, who promises to keep his mouth closed until he has something playable to show. He thinks that will be within the next year.

Fable II is due out exclusively for Xbox 360 on 24th October.