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Hydrophobia already set for a sequel

But still without publisher or date.

Blade Interactive has already revealed plans to make a sequel to watery puzzler Hydrophobia, despite the first game still being without a publisher and release date.

"Actually, the sequel to [Hydrophobia] is set in a drowned Boston," Pete Jones, boss of Blade, told PS3 Attitude. "So we do have plans for an expansion of the Hydrophobia world."

Hydrophobia - in development for PC, 360 and PS3 - is a ship-based survival action game, with a clever engine which allows water to be used to solve puzzles and even take out enemies.

There are sophisticated messages under its smooth exterior - such as warnings of overpopulation and scarcity of resources - which Blade believes will be the "hot issue" of the 21st century. The developer has also strived to make the game's terrorists real, and part of an organisation that stands for something.

"It's about treating gamers as intelligent, well-informed people," added Jones.

We last saw Hydrophobia in a trailer at E3 back in August. Mind you, the last time we played the game was way back at the beginning of August in 2007.

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