Hydrophobia Prophecy


Hydrophobia Prophecy

The worst disease.

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Hydrophobia Prophecy now on Steam.

VideoHydrophobia Prophecy footage surfaces

PS3, Steam version shows off upgrades.

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Twenty ways to kill a Malthusian.

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EU PlayStation Store update 2nd November

PlayStation 3 gamers can at last download bank holdup shooter Payday: The Heist today.

It arrives a few weeks late priced 12.99, or comes free if you bought the four titles in Sony's PlayStation Network Play offer. It's worth a blast - Payday: The Heist stole an 8/10 from Eurogamer's Rich Stanton earlier this week.

The PS3 gets a late Halloween-themed sale with reductions for Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, Telltale's Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse and critically lauded adventure Limbo.

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Hydrophobia Prophecy PSN release date

Hydrophobia Prophecy PSN release date

Aquatic adventure drops next week.

Downloadable adventure Hydrophobia Prophecy dribbles onto PlayStation Network next Tuesday, complete with optional Move controls, developer Dark Energy Digital has announced.

Hydrophobia Prophecy is a revision of Hydrophobia Pure, which is a revision of the original 4/10 Hydrophobia, released on Xbox Live Arcade last autumn.

"It's Hydrophobia 1.5, really," Dark Energy managing director Deborah Jones previously told Eurogamer. "It's also not the original and it's also not Pure."

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Hydrophobia Prophecy

Hydrophobia Prophecy

The worst disease.

Hydrophobia Prophecy is one of the best terrible games I've played in ages. I mean it. At the bad games awards (imagine a town hall in Croydon, the audience full of sniffling, coughing hopefuls) Hydrophobia would win everything from Most Ambitious Game to Most Impressive Technology That Was Not Used At All.

On the one hand, it's kind of a tragedy. On the other hand, it's unforgivable. The developers performed the impressive feat of screwing up almost everything.

Hydrophobia tells the story of the Queen of the World, a "city-sized" "luxury" ship built in a time when the world's population is spiralling out of control. I've got those quotation marks doing their thing in the previous sentence because, besides a view out of the game's one and only window in the opening 20 seconds, nothing about the Queen of the World implies it's either enormous, luxurious, or anything other than a series of of long corridors and wide-open chambers that look a bit like the set of Dead Space with the lights on.

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Hydrophobia already set for a sequel

Hydrophobia already set for a sequel

But still without publisher or date.

Blade Interactive has already revealed plans to make a sequel to watery puzzler Hydrophobia, despite the first game still being without a publisher and release date.

"Actually, the sequel to [Hydrophobia] is set in a drowned Boston," Pete Jones, boss of Blade, told PS3 Attitude. "So we do have plans for an expansion of the Hydrophobia world."

Hydrophobia - in development for PC, 360 and PS3 - is a ship-based survival action game, with a clever engine which allows water to be used to solve puzzles and even take out enemies.

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Swept away with Blade's kingdom by the sea.

The real star of Hydrophobia isn't female lead Kate, but the water that rapidly floods the environments and influences almost every aspect of gameplay. This isn't about pretty water reflections that merely slow a characters' movement, nor is it about taking games back to that period where every adventure game had to have an underwater level, just because it could. The water in Hydrophobia is more than that - it acts as a weapon, a key, transportation and an entire control system that the player uses to influence, change and conquer the environment.

Hydrophobia revealed

Water way to go.

Blade Interactive has finally taken the wrapping off its next-generation project Hydrophobia, which is due for release sometime next year.

Blade Interactive, developer of World Snooker Championship, believes that expensive next-generation consoles must provide a significant "qualitative difference" - and this is precisely what they aim to deliver with new title Hydrophobia.

Hydrophobia revealed

Snooker dev's next-gen opus.

World Snooker Championship developer Blade Interactive is working on a next-generation title called Hydrophobia.