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Hydrophobia revealed

Water way to go.

Blade Interactive has finally taken the wrapping off its next-generation project Hydrophobia, which is due for release sometime next year.

It's a third-person action game for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 that revolves around that stuff we all take for granted, water.

The action takes place on an enormous ship, which more closely resembles a floating city than a P&O ferry. It comes under attack and you'll be drafted in to go below and sort out the damage. You being Kate, who just so happens to be terrified of water.

Hydrophobia takes water simulation to the next level. The developer reckons it's the first team to really tackle the physical properties of the stuff, simulating the currents and devastating effect it can have on its environments. It also looks pretty snazzy.

And given that the puzzles and action are all more or less based around the liquid, Blade's confidence in its engine is reassuring.

We've had a chance to see it in action and will be bringing you our impressions of a game that had us very excited later this week.

Meanwhile you can swim over to our Hydrophobia gallery to submerge yourself in the latest screenshots.

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