Hydrophobia developer to enter administration, staff claim

Some staff unpaid for 3 months. New company to pick up pool game.

Hydrophobia Prophecy PSN release date

Aquatic adventure drops next week.

Hydrophobia dev releases Darknet video

Promises to improve game further.

Video | Hydrophobia Prophecy footage surfaces

PS3, Steam version shows off upgrades.

Hydrophobia developer to enter administration, staff claim

Some staff unpaid for 3 months. New company to pick up pool game.

Hydrophobia Prophecy PSN release date

Aquatic adventure drops next week.

Hydrophobia dev releases Darknet video

Promises to improve game further.

Video | Hydrophobia Prophecy footage surfaces

PS3, Steam version shows off upgrades.

Steam, PS3 Hydrophobia Prophecy revealed

"We've got there in the end."

Hydrophobia Listening Post launched

Will aid development of future games.

Hydrophobia revamp announced

Title update promises to change the game.

Feature | Hydrophobia: We did get a few things wrong

Dark Energy Digital on fixing its baby.

Hydrophobia dev defends game

"Raises the XBLA bar," DED insists.

Review | Hydrophobia

Water into whine.

Video | Hydrophobia gameplay trailer

Latest footage leaks out.

Hydrophobia, Super Meat Boy dated

XBLA release schedule revealed.

Video | Hydrophobia TGS trailer

Twenty ways to kill a Malthusian.

Hydrophobia coming to PS3, PC

Xbox 360 release is "timed exclusive".

Hydrophobia will be a "trilogy"

Three instalments within 12 months.

MS grabs XBLA game Hydrophobia

Watery action game bobs back up.

Video | Hydrophobia - Reveal

Back on radar as 360 exclusive.

Hydrophobia is now episodic XBLA game

No word on other formats or date.

Hydrophobia - Episode 1

Blade's Christmas present for you.

Hydrophobia gushes to March 2009

Blade opts to self-publish action title.

Hydrophobia already set for a sequel

But still without publisher or date.


Swept away with Blade's kingdom by the sea.

Hydrophobia revealed

Water way to go.


Watery puzzle action game.

Hydrophobia revealed

Snooker dev's next-gen opus.