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MS grabs XBLA game Hydrophobia

Watery action game bobs back up.

Dark Energy Digital has revealed this morning that Microsoft will publish watery action game Hydrophobia as an XBLA exclusive.

The last we heard was in October 2009, when Hydrophobia was said to be an episodic XBLA series.

There's no mention of episodes in this latest press release, though - nor a date for the game's arrival.

All we're told is that Hydrophobia has a flashy HydroEngine - the same one they've been banging on about since 2007 - that makes water look and behave realistically. As such, it'll be a key component of the game's action and puzzle sequences.

Hydrophobia takes place in a fictional (or is it?) near future where the world has become over-populated. The elite have fled to a ship called the Queen of the World and there they work on a final solution for the overcrowded planet.

But the ship is hit by a terrorists and you find yourself caught in the middle, battling to escape a sinking vessel while unravelling the reasons behind the attack.

Eurogamer TV has a brand new Hydrophobia trailer to watch. It's certainly impressive for an XBLA game. Best viewed side-by-side with a Hydrophobia trailer from 2008, of course.