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Hydrophobia is now episodic XBLA game

No word on other formats or date.

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Dark Energy Digital's Hydrophobia has been split into a three-episode Xbox Live Arcade series with no word on other formats or a release date.

According to a preview in Xbox World 360, the three episodes last around five hours apiece and should be released within a 12-month window.

If the game proves popular, DED may follow it up with a further three.

Hydrophobia stars Kate Wilson, a woman with a fear of water, who is trying to escape from the depths of a sinking ship after terrorists bomb it during a party. It's a mixture of platforming and Dead Space-style atmospheric action.

It's been some time since we last heard from it - and as well as moving the game to XBLA, it's also moved from Blade Interactive to DED, a company set up by the former's management.

Check out our preview from August 2007, and previous trailer and screenshots to see what it was looking like originally.

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