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Hydrophobia coming to PS3, PC

Xbox 360 release is "timed exclusive".

Dark Energy Digital boss Pete Jones has clarified his company's long-in-development water-based thriller Hydrophobia will indeed appear on the PC and PS3.

Speaking with IncGamers, Jones said the game would initially launch on the Xbox 360 as a timed exclusive, with the PC and PS3 versions following "at some point".

In the interview, Jones also mentioned that the Xbox 360 version would also be receiving a full, boxed release alongside the previously-known Xbox Live version. The PS3 version will still be download-only, Jones said.

Specifics on various release dates and price points are still unavailable.

Hydrophobia was originally announced as a multi-platform title way back in 2007, when PS2 and PSP versions were also said to be in development. Dark Energy Digital had said the game would be an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive as recently as last month.

Check out the game's extremely wet action in a recent trailer on Eurogamer TV.