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Hydrophobia will be a "trilogy"

Three instalments within 12 months.

Hydrophobia developer Dark Energy Digital has told Eurogamer that episodic releases are still 'the plan' but that the term doesn't accurately represent the amount of content on offer.

"The schedule is for three instalments within the first 12 months," revealed Dark Energy Digital senior creative designer Rob Hewson.

"However, we're not really referring to them as episodes; the first instalment is what you would expect from a full retail game, so it's better to think of it as a trilogy."

Dark Energy Digital announced Microsoft as publisher of watery action game Hydrophobia earlier today. The "trilogy" is exclusive to Xbox Live Arcade.

Hewson reckons release date finalisation should "happen shortly". And what about a price? "Again, not finalised," he said, "but I will say that even though Hydrophobia is as big as a retail game, you'll be paying XBLA prices [for it]."

Eurogamer TV has the brand new Hydrophobia trailer - Dive In.

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