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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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One Life Left returns!

Live every Monday. Not forever, clearly.

One Life Left is back! We probably should have pointed that out. Here's a letter from Ste Curran, one of the three excellent people who staff the show, to explain why and what will be happening in future:

Dearest Eurogamer readers,

Hello. Remember us? No? Er, this is awkward. Well, read on, you'll get the idea.

We're One Life Left and our radio show - the only radio show about videogames in Europe - returned to the air on Monday. We were pretty excited, obviously. It went okay! Really, it was totally okay, and we'll be broadcasting every week for a while, starting at 7pm and continuing for an hour on Resonance FM. The episode on Monday was our 73rd* show and we're starting to get the hang of it now. We think. Imagine.

Resonance FM is an arts-and-music radio station that broadcasts across London, but there are other ways you can hear One Life Left and that's why we're typing here. Last year we experimented with streaming live on Eurogamer. We've received half a dozen letters asking why we didn't do that last Monday, EG readers wondering what's going on with this website and One Life Left. The letters imply we've broken up. Listen up, gossip girls, we totally haven't! Since we're back broadcasting on Resonance for a little while it's technically tricky to stream live using EG's servers, but make no mistake: we are still best friends.

And like all best friends we're going to work something out. So, from next Monday, to all intents and purposes we'll pick up where we left off. One of us will pop up here every week and we'll give you a sneak preview of what's coming up on the show that evening, as well as linking to the previous week's podcast. Then you'll be able to join us live a few hours later by clicking on a link, or wait for the podcast a little while after that.

We've missed you. Now you remember who we are, did you miss us too? Shh, you don't need to answer that. Please don't answer that.

You can download the latest podcast from (that's a direct link to the right page, because we're good to you), or by going on the iTunes Music Store and searching for One Life Left. Oh, and if you're in the games industry you can vote for us at the GMAs. You can vote for Eurogamer too, even though they don't appear to have pointed this out. Bit high and mighty, that (still friends).

See you at the Eurogamer Expo,

ste, simon and ann

*80th-ish if you count all the specials from conferences, events and parties, which you probably shouldn't because we're usually a bit drunk.