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Xbox 360 outselling PS3 two-to-one - MS

Sales have doubled since price cut.

Microsoft has said Xbox 360 sales have increased by 214 per cent following the simultaneous price cut of all three models in Europe.

The result has been Xbox 360 outselling rival system PS3 by more than two-to-one during the last two weeks, according to the Chart-Track figures.

"Our commitment to continuously improving and innovating new content, our new high-profile marketing campaign and the fact that we're now the best-value next-gen console on the market with an entry-level ERP of GBP 129.99 combine to make Xbox 360 the right blend of gaming and wider experiences at the right price to offer unparalleled entertainment for everyone. And these figures prove it," said Chris Lewis, Xbox 360 Euro boss.

On 19th September, Microsoft reduced the price of the Xbox 360 Arcade unit to GBP 129.99, the Xbox 360 Premium to GBP 169.99, and the Xbox 360 Elite to GBP 229.99.

Microsoft plans to drive more Xbox 360 sales this Christmas by releasing karaoke game Lips, Live Vision camera title You're in the Movies, and the redesigned family-friendly Xbox Live interface.

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