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EA investigating Spore login problems

You're not really invalid.

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EA is currently investigating login problems affecting the online side of Spore, which finally went on sale today after 6 billion years in development.

Gamers who got hold of the game early-doors have been unable to login for want of some sort of validation code.

"We are aware that many of you are having login problems with Spore. This is being investigated so please bear with us!" a spokesperson wrote on the official forum.

"I installed mine this morning, but it won't let me online because the validation code is not valid for this product, or some such ballyhoo," said Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead, who bought the game via digital distribution so he could play it today.

"Which is weird, because I don't even have a validation code, nor have I been asked to enter one. I've tried it with both my previous Spore account and a new one, and it happens each time." Thanks Dan. (This is cheaper than vox pop.)

We rang EA to find out what's going on and have been told we'll get a call back shortly, so we'll let you know.

Spore is available now for PC and we spoke highly of it in yesterday's Spore review. It's jolly good when it works, promise.

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