Spore and Sims creator Will Wright unveils Proxi

Build a world and AI out of your memories.

Origin sale offers Mass Effect 1 and Dead Space 1 for £3

Sequels not much more expensive either.

Feature | The Will Wright Stuff

Was Spore a success? What has The Sims become? And more.

What's inspired Will Wright's next game?

Karmic computers and improving lives.

Video | Dark Spore developer diary

EA spills the beans on action RPG.

EA and Fox doing Spore movie

Ice Age man to direct. As in the film.

Will Wright still working on Spore

On expansions and future versions.

Will Wright leaves EA

To run Stupid Fun Club.

New Spore game coming to Wii

More DS and PC titles also on the way.

Spore to get first expansion this spring

Prepare for more Galactic Adventures.

New Spore patch offers free limbs

Celebrates Creepy & Cute Parts Pack.

Riccitiello: "I personally don't like DRM"

But says 99.8 per cent don't notice it.

Spore turns Creepy & Cute next month

EA wastes no time with first expansion.

EA calms Spore forum threat outcry

Blames an "over-zealous" outsider.

Spore sales top 1 million

More than 25m items now in Sporepedia.

EA threatens to cancel Spore accounts

Of those who complain about DRM online.

EA responds to Spore DRM concerns

Viruses "infinitely higher" on torrents.

Spore prototypes open to public

From fish to beast to spaceship.

Mercenaries 2 does a job on UK chart

Spore not Darwin so well. Top 40 inside.

Spore is meant to be Sims, not Half-Life

Will Wright responds to reviews.

EA investigating Spore login problems

You're not really invalid.

Review | Spore

We looked over the hill and we saw fire.

Spore now available for download

Pre-order your copy ready for release day.

Will Wright discusses Spore porn

He's not offended by all the winkies.

No Spore demo, but expansions planned

And anti-piracy measures explained.

Maxis' Lucy Bradshaw

Your chat with Spore's exec-producer.

Lucy Bradshaw live interview today!

Rounding off Spore Week in style.


Gene cool.

Wright hints at Spore MMO

Sims man's latest will evolve.

Wright has new projects "in the wings"

"Very short term" titles mooted.

Eurogamer announces Spore Week!

Final game explored and explained.

Feature | Maxis' Will Wright

Spore, The Sims and what lies ahead.

EA man wants to charge for Spore content

But will focus on launching game first.

Riccitiello: EA quality up "sharply"

"We've turned the corner on that issue."

Spore has more species than Earth

Wright serves up E3's best stat attack.

Over 1 million Spore creatures created

But EA quiet on penis monster tally.

Review | Spore Creature Creator

Ironically, not evolutionary: revolutionary.

Limited edition Spore unveiled

Comes with Making Of video, shockingly.

250,000 Spore creatures created in a day

249,999 are walking willies.

Spore Creature Creator unleashed

Now available to download.

Feature | Spore

Through the eyes of right-hand lady, Lucy Bradshaw.

Sporepedia evolves onto Internet

Plus: required specs revealed.

Spore Creature Creator

Eurogamer creates life.

Spore demo coming in June

Create your creature in advance.

Spore, Dead Space showing in London

Plus: Science Museum to test Wii Fit.

Spore and Monkey Ball coming to iPhone

Carmack and Team 17 up for it too.

Clarification: YouTube a part of Spore

Integrated not associated, says Maxis.

"Europe is the priority for Spore"

Maxis on why we'll get it first.


And on the seventh day, User created content.

Spore release date announced

God news, everyone.

EA "not satisfied" with 2007 performance

New LOTR, Dragon Age to make 08 exciting.

Feature | Coming Attractions: Strategy and Simulation

Part 2: More on what's coming in 2008.

Sims was "The Toilet Game"

Wright says it almost didn't get made.

Macs to get Spore, Call of Duty 4

This could be the year, Lifestylers.

PC gaming "should be like Punk Rock"

Spore developer loves its variety.

Spore heading to Wii

Wright tells Guardian.

Games are not stories - Wright

BAFTA speech summary.

Spore is six months away

Seedy duplication soon.

GC: Spore for consoles

After PC, says Maxis.

Feature | GC: Spore

New details of Will Wright's latest.

Spore slips to 2008

Expected in spring.

Eno's unique Spore soundtrack

'Just as procedural as the game'.

Wright talks about Spore date

Behind the scenes on Colbert.

Spore due in late 2007

Will Wright offers a hint.

War and Spore for mobiles

MOH, Battlefield on way.

See Spore in action

New video now on EG TV.

Spore coming to handhelds?

Job ad seems to suggest so.

Sims creator talks Rev

He's rather keen on it.

Spore for Xbox 360?

MS CEO seems to think so.


Generation game.

Will Wright unveils Spore at GDC

Sims creator enormously ambitious new project sees you control life from the petri dish to the Star Destroyer in a totally user-defined environment.