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New details emerge of Star Trek Online

You'll be able to customise loads of stuff.

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New details of forthcoming MMO Star Trek Online have popped up on the official website.

According to a Q&A with developer Cryptic, you will see ships just like the Enterprise, Defiant and Voyager - or Cruisers, Escorts and Science Vessels, as they're known.

"More details on the exact roles and differences are coming soon, but for now, suffice it to say that the ship roles are a combination of naval combat and traditional MMO gameplay," the Q&A reads.

"Klingon ships are different, and reflect their style and culture. And everything will be very customisable and very Star Trek."

And it's not just ships you'll be able to muck about with. "You will be able to modify and customise the uniform of your characters, but it will always have the look of a uniform. The costume options will reflect popular pieces from the show, as well as new concepts and styles," reckons Cryptic.

Star Trek Online is due out at some point within the next three years. The video and news snippets on the gamepage are unlikely to keep you occupied for all that time, but you know.

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