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Breaking Ground goes live for EQ2

Half of future Veksar dungeon opened.

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The Breaking Ground update for EverQuest II has been unleashed on the masses.

This, most importantly, opens up underwater city Veksar and half of level-80 dungeon Omen's Call. The entire area will be included in the forthcoming Shadow Odyssey expansion pack, due 18th November.

Breaking Ground also introduces a world event for players to help build a Guild Hall by answering the pleas for help from a couple of NPC characters lingering down by the docks: Antonica and Commonlands docks, to be precise.

There's closure to the live whodunit murder mystery event, too, which in itself acts as a prelude to The Shadow Odyssey.

Both EverQuest and EverQuest II are going "as strong as ever", according to SOE speaking at its Vegas Fan Faire in August, with Shadow Odyssey said to have "Greatest Hits" feeling about it.

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