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Daybreak Game Company, formerly SOE, lays off several staffers

UPDATE: Studio offers its condolences in a new statement.

UPDATE 12/02/2015 2.13am: Daybreak Games has offered its condolences to those let go in the following statement on its official forum.

Last week we announced that we were acquired and are now operating independently as Daybreak Game Company. To better position our newly independent studio for future growth opportunities and to deliver on our legacy of making top online games, we have had to make some tough choices including realignment of resources.

Unfortunately, this realignment means adjusting staffing as well. We announced today that we will eliminate positions in our San Diego and Austin studios. We deeply value our employees and never take these decisions lightly so we've done our best to do what's right for the people affected. Although extremely difficult, these are necessary actions that will ultimately drive improved results and help strengthen our company's foundation for success. Many of us are saying goodbye to close friends and colleagues who we've worked with over the years, and we are grateful for the memories and all that they've contributed. They will be greatly missed, and we wish them nothing but the best for the future.

These reductions will not affect the operation of our current games and as mentioned above, will help better position our company for future success. As we move forward, we are committed to delivering the best online games and working side-by-side with our players to drive the future of our online games.

ORIGINAL STORY 11/02/2015 10.10pm: Daybreak Game Company, i.e. the studio formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment, has laid off several staffers.

EverQuest Next.

The studio behind EverQuest, Planetside 2 and H1Z1 declined to say exactly how many employees were let go, but it confirmed that these layoffs are affecting the San Diego and Austin studios.

"As part of a strategic decision to rationalise the business, Daybreak Game Company announced today that it will eliminate positions in both its San Diego and Austin studios," the company said in a statement to Eurogamer. "This alignment of resources better positions the newly independent studio for future growth opportunities and developments, including delivering on its legacy of making top online games and establishing a solid foundation for future multi-platform success. These reductions will not affect the operation of current games and the company will continue on its mission to partner with its player community to drive the future and push the boundaries of online gaming.

"As far as how many were let go, that information is confidential, but I can confirm that both full-time and temps were affected in various departments across the company," it added. "As noted in the statement above, these reductions will have no impact on our current games, including future games like EverQuest Next, and will better position our newly independent studio for future success."

It was just over a week ago that Sony sold off SOE to investment management firm Columbus Nova. That's when the name change occurred and the newly dubbed Daybreak made clear its goal of developing multi-platform titles.

EverQuest franchise director of development David Georgeson was hit in the downsizing. "Yeah, I'm sorry folks but it's true. LM, EQN, EQ and EQII are no longer guided by moi. Other dreamers will steer now," he wrote on Twitter.

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