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EA and Gillette doing huge 360 tourney

Prizes are the best a man can get.

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EA Sports and Gillette will be running an enormous Xbox Live competition in October to win a trip to Florida and chance to take on sports stars such as Tiger Woods at their own game.

Other sponsored clean-shaven celebrities Thierry Henry and Roger Federer will be there as well, but neither of them actually have their own game, which would have made the bit above sound strange.

There will be plenty of other prizes besides - consoles, games, razors, shaving foam, David Beckham maybe - and all you need to do to win is be good at EA Sports titles.

Those included in the worldwide competition will be FIFA 09, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, NASCAR 09, Madden NFL 09 and NBA Live 09. There's no limit to how many games you can enter to compete on.

Entries will be handled through both in-game messaging and banners, plus clearly marked sections of Xbox Live.

"This program will give guys the chance to play games at the highest level possible, which is always exciting. To be the best at anything is an amazing feat," said Tiger Woods, 32, whose hobbies include golf and watches and shaving.

More information on the Gillette - EA Sports Champions of Gaming tournament will pop up on the Gillette website in October.

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