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God of War III to get 120-page script

It's got a three-act storyline, apparently.

Writer Marianne Krawczyk has revealed the script she's working on for God of War III will probably run to 120 pages.

Speaking at Austin GDC (as reported by Gamasutra), Krawczyk admitted some in-game dialogue and acting can be, well, piss poor, to paraphrase.

But for God of War III there will be proper rehearsals and readings. Which might take some time, if there are 120 pages to get through. According to Krawczyk, the storyline will be "a very specific three-act experience".

Little else is known of the third instalment in the God of War series, other than it'll be a PS3 exclusive and it's not out this year. Still. There's a nice video on the gamepage, if you're that bothered.