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COD4 Variety maps going half-price

Plus double experience all weekend.

Infinity Ward will be reducing the cost of the Variety Map Pack by half and dishing out double experience to anyone playing Call of Duty 4 online this weekend.

The offer starts tomorrow and ends Sunday on Xbox Live, according to IW community liaison Robert Bowling. PS3 owners can expect the same treatment next weekend.

This staggered approach means Infinity Ward developers can hop online and join fans in battles on both systems. Specifically, the official Xbox 360 Play With Devs time is 4pm PDT on Saturday, which translates to midnight UK time.

The Variety Map Pack now costs 400 MS Points (GBP 3.40 / EUR 4.80), and contains four extra areas. Of those, Creek and Chinatown just about justified the original asking price, so half-price sits favourably.

Infinity Ward will also be bringing the Prestige Gamerpic pack back to Xbox Live after a previous limited appearance. Fans complained, apparently.