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100 million people played Call of Duty since COD4

Is that more than Homefront?

Activision wants you to know that 100 million people have played Call of Duty since the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in 2007 - the game that fired the series into the stratosphere.

But are those 100 million people different people, or are they the Call of Duty regulars buying each iteration each year? Activision's impressive infographic doesn't say.

Nevertheless, those 100 million people have apparently clocked up a combined 2.85 million years playing the game, which is longer than humans have existed for. They've also fired more than 32.2 quadrillion shots, which is more than even the US army has.

Activision's infographic arrives before a Call of Duty live multiplayer reveal in LA tomorrow, which Wesley Yin-Poole has flown out to attend, and which we'll be covering live at 6.30pm UK time.

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