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Candy Crush dev is making a Call of Duty mobile game

King COD may sound fishy, but it's really happening.

Candy Crush Saga developer King is making a mobile Call of Duty game.

Somehow King COD is not the name of a type of fish, as I would have thought.

The Swedish mobile giant, who was acquired by Activision to the tune of $5.9bn in 2015, just made the Call of Duty announcement on its official site.

"Our challenge as a team is to create a Call of Duty experience on mobile that will strive to transform the best console experience fans know and love, while also breaking new ground for mobile and redefining the genre," King stated in its reveal.

"Our approach and ambition is to be fresh, social, and highly accessible, while providing a very authentic game experience. The team will prototype extensively, have the freedom to think outside the box, and be encouraged to stretch their expertise in ways to create surprising results."

In other words, it sounds like Activision is going to be pretty hands-off on this one. After all, one doesn't buy a company for $6bn without trusting that it knows what it's doing.

The question is, what will this game look like? Will it even be a shooter? Or maybe a puzzle game tied to the license? Maybe some strange genre hybrid like what Square Enix Montreal did with Hitman GO?

Now, can we please get Infinity Ward to make a Candy Crush game?

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