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Dynasty Warriors Gundam sequel in 2009

Robots: disguise will smash anything.

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KOEI has decided to bring Xbox 360 and PS3 sequel Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 to Europe in 2009, although few will probably bat an eyelid.

Those that do will relish the introduction of online battles and plenty more story campaigns for the big-robot-suit-pilots from big-robot-suit anime.

Bosses will also be "ridiculously huge", according to a spokesperson for the publisher, and about as different as the Empire State Building is to regular buildings. Not our words.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 is the marriage of one enormously popular videogame series with an enormously popular anime. The result flourished in Japan, but struggled to find a similar hold on the Xbox 360 and PS3 market here last November.

We rather liked the game, though, as our Dynasty Warriors: Gundam review will point out.

Pop over to our Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 gallery for the very first screenshots.

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