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KOEI not planning a Bladestorm follow-up

For now. Gundam robots more popular.

KOEI has told Eurogamer there are no current plans for a sequel to Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War, although a follow-up remains a possibility.

The publisher was speaking after announcing Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2, the original of which launched alongside Bladestorm - also on Xbox 360 and PS3 - last November.

Both offered original takes on the Dynasty Warriors formula: the former introduced giant Gundam robot-suits while the latter adopted a strategic variation.

In Bladestorm, rather than control and fight as one character, entire squads of period fighters such as pikemen or royal knights or musketeers or archers could be captained into huge skirmishes, a bit like Total War on speed.

Each type had strengths and weaknesses, plus abilities that could be upgraded through earning experience and levelling that unit up.

The campaign was also played from a neutral and unknown-mercenary point of view, with allegiance to English or French forces picked depending on mission variables such as money earned, difficulty, or bonus objectives.

The end result was the rare 8/10 seal of approval from Eurogamer.

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