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Dev would "love to do" console Total War

"It would be an immense challenge."

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Creative Assembly has told Eurogamer that it would "love to do" Total War on consoles.

The developer has dabbled in console spin-offs such as Spartan: Total Warrior and Viking: Battle for Asgard in the past, but both stopped short of Total War levels of critical acclaim.

"It's something we've talked about a lot over the years, but nothing has really happened with it," said Kevin McDowell, lead artist, during a roundtable session. "We've definitely thought about it," added senior designer Jamie Ferguson.

Lead programmer Guy Davidson offered: "We'd love to do it, yeah. Whether or not we will..."

Converting the series to console would, as Davison pointed out, be an "immense challenge". Total War is famed for complex real-time strategy battles and an intricate campaign element not unlike playing Sid Meier's Civilization.

Also, reasoned battle AI boss Richard Bull, console lifespan would be too short to create and fit a proper Total War instalment into.

The PC series returns in February 2009 with Empire: Total War, which adds fully-implemented naval warfare plus a host of other features, including a brand new historical setting that takes place between 1700 and 1800.

Periods of history covered so far by Total War include ancient Japan, ancient Rome and the medieval times. So, where next?

"There are so many periods of history; there are so many ways we can go." said Jamie Ferguson. "We're not short of ideas of new stuff to do."

"We do have a question of like, do we go bigger? Do we go to the future? Do we go to the past? Do we go smaller again? Who knows?" pondered Kevin McDowelle, who added that it was a "fair consideration" to leave behind solid historical fact in favour of a self-made setting.

"If we did it," interjected Ferguson, "it would have to be stonkingly amazing."

Empire: Total War is due for release on 6th February 2009. Head to our Empire: Total War preview to find out more.

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