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Listen to One Life Left online

Episode 3 surfs the internet radio waves.

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Are you morose about missing the third episode of One Life Left, season four last night? Can't eat, can't sleep, can't do anything? Not to worry, you can listen to the show online via the magical powers of the internet. We've collared the makers of the radio programme about games to explain how it all works, and tell us (again) what One Life Left is in the first place.

Hey Eurogamer Readers,

Week three of One Life Left's fourth season aired last night at 7pm. If you don't know who we are, we're a videogame radio show that broadcasts across London on 104.4FM on Monday nights. But thanks to the magic of technology we're also available across the internet. Amazing.

Still not sure? It's OK, I understand. If you want to listen to last night's or last week's show you can find it on our website*. There was a fair bit of technical chaos, but there's some stuff worth your time, not least the chance to name a game-related beer and win a gallon of the stuff. Visit the site, and it'll stream in your browser or you can just download the MP3 and copy it to your favourite pod-player-thing. We're on iTunes, for those of you who like that kind of thing: search for One Life Left, subscribe and we'll be friends.

So, what's on episode three? Videogame News with the award-nominated Ann Scantlebury, tenuously game-related music, and apologies for last week's various mistakes. We have exclusive all-new material from Craig 'The Rage' McClelland and the doyouinverts, and the start of a brand new feature.


Ste, Simon and Ann


* Newly refurbished, but still a work in progress. Someday we'll have one exactly like Eurogamer does with all the fancy-schmancy social networking and that. For now we're content with one that loads slowly, intermittently, and doesn't destroy our listeners' computers. And sorry about our faces and that.

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