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Sony doing Jeopardy! for US PSN

Buzz-style quiz out today.

Sony has decided to turn popular quiz show Jeopardy! into PSN game, which should be available today on the PS3 Store.

Word comes by way of the US PlayStation blog, which means European whereabouts are shakey. Nothing on the Store so far.

Jeopardy! has been running for around 25 years, and has provided the Buzz! series with more than a liberal dose of inspiration. The core idea is that contestants must pick answers and then guess the questions to them.

SOE Los Angeles, which makes PC and mobile versions of the quiz show, is behind the adaptation. Multiple choice answers have been added, controversially, but only flash up after you buzz in and stake some money on delivering the correct response.

There are around 2500 questions, online and offline multiplayer for four of you, plus expansion pack plans for 2009. There's no word on the price, though.

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