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MTV making Rock Band 2 telly show

Wants groups with visual themes to star.

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MTV has decided to make a telly show about people playing Rock Band 2, and call it - brilliantly - Rock Band 2: The Show.

The music company is looking for a group of four to star in the series. Quartets that stand out will be favoured, according to the casting advert (spotted by Kotaku), and visual themes such as fire-fighting get-ups are encouraged. As they should be.

MTV is expected to officially unveil Rock Band 2: The Show during an event this evening in the US, where Alice Cooper and Sebastian Bach will be wielding plastic guitars and making merry.

Rock Band 2 launches this week in the US as a timed exclusive for Xbox 360. There's no word on a European date, but, with Rock Band 1 only just available on PS3, Wii and PS2, we may be waiting quite some time.

Head over to our Rock Band 2 gamepage to find out more.

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