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Valkyria Chronicles gets firm release date

PS3 demo arriving next week.

SEGA plans to release Valkyria Chronicles exclusively on PS3 from 14th November.

But fans eagerly awaiting the attractive title need only wait until next Thursday 9th October for a demo, which will offer up a couple of early levels to sample.

Valkyria Chronicles is an action strategy game set in a fictitious 1930s Europe on the brink of war. Surprise.

Players hop into the boots of Welkin, commander of the underdogs, and buckle down to fight for freedom in the face of an ancient threat thought only to exist in legend, the Valkyria.

Battles are both turn-based and real-time; an overhead map view can be navigated at armchair pace, before jumping into individual battles and taking control of specific units.

Valkyria also uses the CANVAS game engine, which presents an arty and rather lovely watercolour style.

March into our Valkyria Chronicles gamepage for all the media released so far.

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