Valkyria Chronicles

Key events

Sega confirms Valkyria Chronicles is coming to Nintendo Switch next month

Grab a 25% discount, too, if you're picking up Valkyria Chronicles 4.

Sega unveils a new Valkyria Chronicles, and a remaster of the original

UPDATE: Fresh details emerge on all-new Valkyria.

Sega role-player Valkyria Chronicles announced for PC

UPDATE: Release date and price confirmed.

FeatureValkyria Chronicles remains one of the finest games of its generation

Revisiting a classic on the release of its remaster.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 for TGS this week

SEGA schedule blows whistle.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 on the way?

SEGA's registered the domain name.

Valkyria Chronicles DLC this week

New maps to challenge each class.

Valkyria Chronicles DLC next Thursday

Three quid for each mission or mode.

Three Valkyria DLC packs this spring

Hard mode and two missions coming.

New Valkyria Chronicles content coming

It'll reach the US and Europe in early 09.

Valkyria Chronicles

Brushed with greatness.

Valkyria Chronicles

Turning heads.

Valkyria Chronicles date pushed forward

PS3 exclusive arriving two weeks early.

Valkyria Chronicles gets firm release date

PS3 demo arriving next week.

SEGA dates Samba, Valkyria, Yakuza 2

Sonic Chronicles also given firm date.

Sony reveals Resistance for PSP

Plus LocoRoco 2, Super Stardust Portable.

Samba summer, Condemned late March

SEGA adjusts release dates.

SEGA bringing PS3-exclusive to the West

Valkyria Chronicles. Very pretty.

Valkyria Chronicles

Watercolour-inspired PS3 exclusive.