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Valkyria Chronicles DLC next Thursday

Three quid for each mission or mode.

SEGA will offer the three DLC packs for Valkyria Chronicles next Thursday, 16th April.

They'll cost GBP 3.19 / EUR 3.99 each, and we're double-checking whether all three will be offered at once; it's slightly unclear.

Making up one part of the DLC is the Hard EX Mode, in which players fight through the entire Imperial Army against tougher enemies, without the main tank Edelweiss.

There's also Edy's Mission, in which players become the titular heroine and defend a small village from overwhelming odds. Finally, Selvaria's Mission casts players as a young engineer called Johann and offers a taste of action from behind enemy lines.

Valkyria Chronicles - a pretty turn-based strategy RPG set in 1930s-inspired war-torn Europe - was released exclusively for PS3 last autumn. We rather liked it, too, and urged any fans of the genre to "pick it up without delay".

Our Valkyria Chronicles review can tell you why.