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New Valkyria Chronicles content coming

It'll reach the US and Europe in early 09.

Valkyria Chronicles is to get two downloadable content packs early next year in the form of an Extra Hard Skirmish mode and an all-new mission.

The game's US associate producer, Christopher Kaminski, revealed the content will hit US and European shores "early next year" via his blog. It's previously only been available to Japanese gamers.

"You might have read that the Japanese folks got an extra mission and an Extra Hard skirmish mode as downloadable content," he said.

"It's my sincere and distinct pleasure to let you know that we're bringing those two content packs over to the US and European shores early next year.

"We did this to support all the fans of the game and make sure that everyone can get all the enjoyment out of the game. We hope you enjoy it!" Kaminski added with a merry skip, though he declined to mention whether it was free or not.

Keen-eyed turn-based stratigists will, of course, be aware that the game hit European stores last Friday, and will no doubt be enjoying themselves. Dan Whitehead certainly did, describing the game in his 8/10 review as "a really, really, really good tactical RPG". Really really really?. Better pick it up, then.