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Valkyria Chronicles 3 for TGS this week

SEGA schedule blows whistle.

SEGA may plan to unveil Valkyria Chronicles 3 at the Tokyo Games Show 2010 this weekend.

VG247 spotted a listing for the game on the publisher's TGS schedule, which has since been removed.

The document - a JPEG version of the existing GIF file - didn't mention platforms nor what we'd see of the game.

The Tokyo Game Show gets underway on 16th September. Public days are limited to 18th and 19th September, just in case you're thinking of going. We are.

We've asked SEGA for comment.

SEGA registered the Valkyria Chronicles 3 website in August.

Valkyria Chronicles is a watercolour-style action strategy series that began life on PlayStation 3, where it earned a healthy 8/10 on Eurogamer. The series was given a sequel on PSP that fared similarly well.