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Three Valkyria DLC packs this spring

Hard mode and two missions coming.

SEGA has announced that it's to release three packs of downloadable content for Valkyria Chronicles, its PS3 tactical RPG.

The three DLC packs, all due this spring, consist of a Hard EX Mode and two missions: Edy's mission 'Enter the Edy Detachment', and Selvaria's mission 'Behind Her Blue Flame'.

The hard mode makes enemies tougher and removes players' wain weapon, the tank Edelweiss, bringing strategy to the fore.

Edy's mission involves defending a small village with an outnumbered squad of six, while Selvaria's mission portrays the outbreak of war from the enemy perspective - specifically, that of a young engineer called Johann.

Valkyria Chronicles is a gorgeous, cel-shaded hybrid of JRPG and wargame, set in an alternate version 1930s Europe. It's something of an overlooked gem if you ask us. Find out why at the Valkyria Chronicles gamepage.