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Samba summer, Condemned late March

SEGA adjusts release dates.

SEGA is currently targeting 28th March for the release of Condemned 2: Bloodshot on PS3 and 360, and has also updated dates for Samba de Amigo on Wii and others.

Samba de Amigo will be with us in summer, the publisher told Eurogamer. In the meantime, Brain Assist DS is due on 14th March, with Happy Tree Friends due for PC and 360 in summer.

SEGA Superstars Tennis, as reported recently, is down for 20th March on several formats including 360 and Wii, with Viking: Battle for Asgard PS3/360 and SEGA Bass Fishing and House of the Dead II & III Return for Wii on 28th March.

Valkyria Chronicles is due for PS3 this summer also.

Bloodshot, to go with the biggie, slips players into the tramp-like form of Ethan Thomas, a serial-killer-hunting special agent who's fallen on hard times since the end of the first game.

The first-person action game, developed by Monolith, boasts a more developed hand-to-hand combat system than its predecessor, and a refined system of investigating crime scenes.

There are also a range of multiplayer modes, including deathmatch, team deathmatch, bum rush (tramps versus agents) and crime scenes, where agents have to try and retrieve evidence from the tramps using equipment.

It was looking pretty good when we went hands-on with it recently, and you can check out our review closer to release.

You can also check out impressions of SEGA Bass Fishing, Samba de Amigo, House of the Dead II & III Return and SEGA Superstars Tennis while you're at it.

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Condemned 2: Bloodshot

PS3, Xbox 360

Happy Tree Friends False Alarm

Xbox 360, PC

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Samba de Amigo

Nintendo Wii

Valkyria Chronicles

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