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SEGA dates Samba, Valkyria, Yakuza 2

Sonic Chronicles also given firm date.

SEGA has announced solid release dates for upcoming titles including Samba de Amigo and Valkyria Chronicles.

Musical monkey Samba de Amigo and tattooed PS2 action-adventure Yakuza 2 arrive on 19th September, according to the SEGA list. BioWare's role-playing interpretation of Sonic for DS, Sonic Chronicles, arrives a week later on 26th September.

Then, in November, we've got the attractive Valkyria Chronicles on PS3 - a blend of strategy and action painted in watercolour visuals. Interesting, to say the least.

The games listed as next year we already knew about. Empire: Total War is on 6th Feb, Sonic and the Black Knight for Wii is set for a spring launch, and Stormrise is due sometime in 2009.

And in the immediate future, there's the PC version of Beijing Olympics, due out on 9th August. Hopefully it will fare better than the lacklustre console versions.